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Construction-compliant accessories for the PROKIT safety system

16 ene. 2013

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16 ene. 2013
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New system components for simplified application

For the PROKIT EP 110 safety system, additional system components are now available: a pallet which greatly facilitates logistics operations for the side mesh barrier as well as a plastic screw-on sleeve that is used for easy mounting of the slab feet.

PROKIT EP 110 is the 1.10 m high safety barrier for open edges on building shells and protects site personnel from falling from surfaces with an angle of inclination of up to 10 %. PROKIT EP 110 meets the requirements according to DIN EN 13374 Class A.

For the development of PROKIT, easy and simple application was the main focus with the number of required system components being reduced to a minimum: a 2.60 m long side mesh barrier, self-securing posts along with practical assembly feet for walls or slabs allow very flexible use without any planning effort. Alternatively, the PERI Uniclamp PUC serves as a holder for the posts and is simply clamped with a quick jack nut to the slab or parapet. By overlapping the side mesh barriers, all edge lengths can be secured; in addition, a 1.30 m long side mesh barrier is available for length compensations. The small number of system components not only simplifies the assembly but also on-site material requirements and logistics.

The powder coating of the side mesh barrier in a very distinctive yellow or red not only ensures the longevity of the system components but simultaneously also provides a strong signal effect for the danger area. If requested by customers, the mesh can be powder-coated in other standard RAL colours – this means each contractor can create a distinctive and unmistakable image for its jobsites.

Installation is carried out on the slab, laterally to the slab or wall, on parapets or to the stair stringer according to construction site conditions. Due to the large post spacing of up to 2.40 m, material requirements as well as assembly time is minimized. The low weight of the standard mesh barrier of less than 20 kg allows easy handling and fatigue-free working. Furthermore, assembly is also uncomplicated, fast and very safe: the post is automatically secured when inserted into the foot and the side mesh barrier can then be simply attached.

With the utilisation of additional mounting possibilities, PROKIT EP 110 can also be used to secure open edges on the formwork in accordance with DIN EN 12811.

New: the pallet for opimised logistics

For transporting and storing of the side mesh barrier, the Pallet EP 110 is now available. The barrier can be quickly and easily attached to the frame – very simply in a vertical position, also for installation on the slab edge. On the one hand, this offers the best working ergonomics whilst, on the other, damage to the components is avoided as time-consuming turning or stacking is eliminated.

Altogether 25 side mesh barriers can be suspended in the Pallet EP 110 with minimum space requirements – subsequently, the support can be securely locked by means of a frame. Pallet dimensions have been optimised for truck transportation, have a base area the size of a Euro pallet and are stackable.

New: the screw-on sleeve for fixing slab feet without drilling

Another innovation is the Screw-On Sleeve PERI M16/164 which is used to mount the slab feet for PROKIT posts. The plastic sleeve is designed for the installation of a commercially available M16 bolts. It is screwed in by hand into the fresh concrete immediately after concreting which means there are no cavities in the concrete.
The advantage of this solution is that no holes have to be drilled afterwards for fixing the slab feet. This is, for example, of great benefit for concrete core activation as in these cases there is a possible risk of damage to the integrated plastic sleeve