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Gravity dam Barrage Koudiat Acerdoune

Datos de Proyecto

Ubicación: Koudiat Acerdoune, Argelia

  • height: 120m
  • length: 493m
  • construction period: 2002 – 2008
  • capacity: 640,000,000 m³
  • structure: RCC gravity dam


  • system that can be handled easily and flexibly
  • delivery of enormous amounts of formwork


Razel Algérie

Beneficios para el cliente

  • flexible adjustment of the systems to different requirements
Roger Dunand-Chatellet | Jean-Claude Mogno
Leading construction manager | Construction manager

PERI planned and supplied the complete formwork and scaffolding solution for the implementation of the dam. It was always possible to flexibly adjust the systems, which were used, to the particular pouring section and the different requirements.

Solución PERI

  • TRIO side formwork for layer-by-layer placement of the rolled concrete
  • single-sided SKS climbing formwork solution for the 2 m thick structural concrete layer with pouring cycle heights of 2.40 m
  • horizontally used brace frames at the run-off channel